About How.com

I was around 13 years old when I discovered the internet. It was a vast place you could dial into and explore knowledge. As the internet has evolved it’s become a place of connecting around that knowledge. Many platforms exist where you can connect around knowledge none of them allow their users to make money, and leverage them as they see fit.

How.com is a new destination with an old dream. To organize the world’s knowledge around thought leaders who matter.

On How.com anyone can become an influencer, anyone can create a following and gain many important connections that can change lives. They can help you grow your business, and solve many of the challenges you face in every day life.

How.com is the world’s help desk

How.com is the world’s help desk. It’s not just a Q & A community, it’s not just a search engine. It’s a help desk built for people looking for answers to some of life’s most important questions answered by people who care.